Definition of "skinhead" [skinhead]

  • (noun) Slang A person with a shaven head.
  • (noun) Slang A member of any of various groups of people, especially young people, who shave their heads and sometimes participate in white-supremacist and anti-immigrant activities.

Use "skinhead" in a sentence

  • "I am a proud skinhead and allways have been. when you use the term skinhead you had better talk to a s.h.a.r.p. next time. or do some damn homework."
  • "LOS ANGELES, April 23 Reuters – A Muslim teenager who was severely beaten in what he called a skinhead attack sued four of his alleged attackers and their parents on Wednesday for civil rights violations in California state court."
  • "His existence as a skinhead is tailored meticulously to every nuance of his extremely complicated, deeply personal sociopolitical belief system and every shred of that is made clear to us."

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