Definition of "simian" [sim•i•an]

  • (adjective) Relating to, characteristic of, or resembling an ape or a monkey.
  • (noun) An ape or a monkey.

Use "simian" in a sentence

  • "Now, Bieniasz and Hatziioannou, working with Vineet KewalRamani and Jeffrey Lifson at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland, have developed a strain they call simian-tropic HIV-1"
  • "Its got a commercial edge that is quite clever and sales should not be a worry, to people that like the name simian mobile disco and c collona attached to things."
  • "So precious to a simian is the privilege of making sounds with his tongue, that when he wishes to punish severely those men he calls criminals, he forbids them to chatter, and forces them by threats to be silent."

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