Definition of "silvery-grey" []

  • Of grey resembling silver (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "silvery-grey" in a sentence
  • "Held up to view in an unravelled ball of twine neatly arranged into a nest, sleeping on undisturbed, was a spectacularly attractive little creature – perhaps six inches long, its furry tail striped lengthwise and as long again, its coat silvery-grey above, creamy on the underparts; ears small and rounded; facial mask piebald and rather raccoon-like, accentuating large, luminous eyes that flickered open and met mine with no hint of alarm."
  • "But the major change is in his eyes, quite the most wonderful I have ever seen, so large, luminous and silvery-grey."
  • "Shimmering, silvery-grey transparent leather perfumed with the honeyed aroma of virginal-white jasmine."