Definition of "shop" []

  • A small retail store or a specialty department in a large store. (noun)
  • An atelier; a studio. (noun)
  • A place for manufacturing or repairing goods or machinery. (noun)
  • A commercial or industrial establishment: a printing shop. (noun)
  • A business establishment; an office or a center of activity. (noun)
  • A place, esp a small building, for the retail sale of goods and services (noun)

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  • An act or instance of shopping, esp household shopping (noun)
  • A place for the performance of a specified type of work; workshop (noun)
  • To visit a shop or shops in search of (goods) with the intention of buying them (verb)
  • To inform on or betray, esp to the police (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "shop" in a sentence
  • "'And when I say a shop,' Hugo pursued, 'I mean a _shop_.'"
  • "Thank goodness it occurred to me at once to say that I went into the tobacco shop to buy stamps and I must have left it in the _shop_."
  • "In regard to the daily, or even the occasional use of the stronger drugs of the apothecary's shop -- whether this _shop_ is found in the family or elsewhere -- I would fain hope many of our young women may claim an entire immunity."