Definition of "ship" []

  • A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation. (noun)
  • A sailing vessel having three or more square-rigged masts. (noun)
  • An aircraft or spacecraft. (noun)
  • The crew of one of these vessels. (noun)
  • One's fortune: When my ship comes in, I'll move to a larger house. (noun)
  • A vessel propelled by engines or sails for navigating on the water, esp a large vessel that cannot be carried aboard another, as distinguished from a boat (noun)

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  • A large sailing vessel with three or more square-rigged masts (noun)
  • The crew of a ship (noun)
  • Any vehicle or conveyance (noun)
  • To place, transport, or travel on any conveyance, esp aboard a ship (verb)
  • To take (water) over the side (verb)
  • To bring or go aboard a vessel (verb)
  • To send away, often in order to be rid of (verb)
  • To engage to serve aboard a ship (verb)
  • To concede (a goal) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "ship" in a sentence
  • ""God of mercy -- the ship, the _ship_!" gasped Sir Edgar, clutching my arm in a grip that left its mark on the skin for days afterward; and, as he spoke, the huge incandescent mass fell full upon the hull of the"
  • "When this ill-omened ship lay in Boston harbor, previous to her last and fatal cruise, she could not get men; and that from the impression on the minds of sailors, that _she was an unlucky ship_."
  • "The ship which goes yearly from India to China is called the _drug ship_, because she carries various drugs of Cambaia, but her principal lading consists of silver."