Definition of "servitude" [serv•i•tude]

  • A state of subjection to an owner or master. (noun)
  • Lack of personal freedom, as to act as one chooses. (noun)
  • Forced labor imposed as a punishment for crime: penal servitude in labor camps. (noun)
  • Law A right that grants use of another's property. (noun)

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Use "servitude" in a sentence
  • "The reason outlaw peonage, slavery, sweatshops, pimping, and other forms of bound servitude is because they are a logical extension of a market economy and will always exist if they are not outlawed."
  • "It is usually white delusion that makes us think they'd select the name of someone who kept them in servitude and destroyed their family unit."
  • "The abjectness of their servitude is incomprehensible to us."