Definition of "sepia" [se•pi•a]

  • A dark brown ink or pigment originally prepared from the secretion of the cuttlefish. (noun)
  • A drawing or picture done in this pigment. (noun)
  • A photograph in a brown tint. (noun)
  • A dark grayish yellow brown to dark or moderate olive brown. (noun)
  • Of the color sepia. (adjective)

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Use "sepia" in a sentence
  • "Spooky will be posting more photos of the house, the ones she took in sepia, and I'll link to those tomorrow:"
  • "When For the Summer, a musical masterclass in sepia-toned regret, misfires and comes close to collapse, a heckler chastises him: "You mean to say you're not perfect?""
  • "My Canon has built-in sepia, so I will stay away from it."