Definition of "sem" [sem]

  • Seminary (abbreviation)
  • Semester (abbreviation)
  • Semicolon (abbreviation) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "sem" in a sentence
  • "I want to take the value of id, from the table tblmarks with these conditions reg_no should be eqal to $reg_no year = $year sem = $sem"
  • "I teach at Wendover High School, Utah's only NASA Explorer School. ... this year I'm facing a similar dilemma Due to cut backs the sub-sem is no longer happening, but the NES brought my attention to a new opportunity of having an experiment flown out of New Mexico."
  • "An example is thinking "mind" or the Tibetan word "sem" when we have only the idea of the sound of the word "mind" or "sem," but no idea whatsoever of what it means."