Definition of "selenocysteine" [selenocysteine]

  • A naturally-occurring amino acid, present in several enzymes, whose structure is that of cysteine but with the sulfur atom replaced by one of selenium (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "selenocysteine" in a sentence
  • "So it will need to be consistent not with merely the ribosome and the bacterial flagella, but also the octopus's eye, the panda's thumb, and the jerry-rigged way that selenocysteine is kluged into the genetic code."
  • "The awkward way in which selenocysteine is kluged into the genetic code (which is not unique to Tetrahymena; we do it too), sharing a termination codon instead of having one to itself seems like a good example of a molecular "panda's thumb," reflecting the inherent difficulty of a late addition to the frozen accident of the genetic code."
  • "The third termination codon, UGA, does signal for termination, but can also be used in a context-dependent manner (depending on RNA structure) to code the amino acid, selenocysteine."