Definition of "seasonable" [sea•son•a•ble]

  • (adjective) In keeping with the time or the season. See Usage Note at seasonal.
  • (adjective) Occurring or performed at the proper time; timely.

Use "seasonable" in a sentence

  • "The Memphis Christian Advocate speaks of this work as "seasonable" -- in view of the revival of infidelity of the Thomas Paine type -- and says,"
  • "He generally had on a well worn greyish overcoat, the side pockets of which gaped somewhat with constant usage for into them he would cram a large number of tracts and sally forth in company with me or another of the missionaries, or as sometimes happened he went alone, drop a tract here or there and speak a seasonable word."
  • "Now that is ever best and most seasonable, which is for the good of the whole."

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