Definition of "scanner" []

  • One that scans. (noun)
  • A receiver that continuously broadcasts signals it detects from specified radio frequencies: heard about the robbery over the police officer's scanner. (noun)
  • An optical scanner. (noun)
  • A device, such as a CAT scanner or PET scanner, for observing internal organs, tissues, and other parts of the body, (noun)
  • A person or thing that scans (noun)

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  • A device, usually electronic, used to measure or sample the distribution of some quantity or condition in a particular system, region, or area (noun)
  • An aerial or similar device designed to transmit or receive signals, esp radar signals, inside a given solid angle of space, thus allowing a particular region to be scanned (noun)
  • Any of various devices used in medical diagnosis to obtain an image of an internal organ or part (noun)
  • A television outside broadcast vehicle (noun)
  • An electronic device which scans printed material and converts it to digital form (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "scanner" in a sentence
  • "Rina-the-Arctic-Fox says my scanner is gay xD; I like it, more or less * pats scanner* but with all those white dots it's evil, she's right."
  • "If the scanner is a flat bottomed scanner, you will probably never get the quality of photo that you want."
  • "In the banner pic it looks like a scanner is about to make his head explode."