Definition of "scalloped" [scal•loped]

  • (verb) Simple past tense and past participle of scallop.
  • (adjective) having an edge or border marked with semicircles
  • (adjective) baked in layers of thin slices in a sauce, usually with cheese, as a casserole, e.g. scalloped potatoes; gratin
  • (adjective) baked in a scallop shell

Use "scalloped" in a sentence

  • "'70s yellow-and-white "duck" Fender Stratocaster he brought to America from Sweden, complete with his unique, deeply "scalloped" - the carving out of wood between a guitar's 21 or so frets so you hit all strings without touching anything else - maple fingerboard, a replica of the old axe's scratches, and his personal signature."
  • "Some populations, such as scalloped hammerheads and dusky sharks along the eastern U.S. coast, have plummeted by up to 80 percent since the 1970s."
  • "One of our favorites was 'scalloped' rutabagas, similiar to scalloping potatoes only, par-boiling the roots first as they take much longer to bake than potatoes."

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