Definition of "rudely" []

  • Insulting or uncivil; discourteous; impolite (adjective)
  • Lacking refinement; coarse or uncouth (adjective)
  • Vulgar or obscene (adjective)
  • Unexpected and unpleasant (adjective)
  • Roughly or crudely made (adjective)
  • Rough or harsh in sound, appearance, or behaviour (adjective)
  • Humble or lowly (adjective)
  • Robust or sturdy (adjective)
  • Approximate or imprecise (adjective)
  • In a rude manner. (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "rudely" in a sentence
  • "Once, when he was delivering himself of an unctuous remark to Jerry, Faith broke in rudely with a flat contradiction."
  • "And now, there he was dead; and, if lucky, buried with a little wooden cross with his name rudely inscribed, marking his grave."
  • ""With speed," writes an eye-witness, "he comes to the House: he calls rudely at the door," and,"