Definition of "royal" []

  • Of or relating to a monarch. (adjective)
  • Of the rank of a monarch. (adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or in the service of a kingdom. (adjective)
  • Issued or performed by a monarch: a royal warrant; a royal visit. (adjective)
  • Founded, chartered, or authorized by a monarch: a royal society of musicians. (adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or befitting a king, queen, or other monarch; regal (adjective)

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  • Established, chartered by, under the patronage or in the service of royalty (adjective)
  • Being a member of a royal family (adjective)
  • Above the usual or normal in standing, size, quality, etc (adjective)
  • Unusually good or impressive; first-rate (adjective)
  • Just above the topgallant (in the phrase royal mast) (adjective)
  • A member of a royal family (noun)
  • A stag with antlers having 12 or more branches (noun)
  • A sail set next above the topgallant, on a royal mast (noun)
  • A size of printing paper, 20 by 25 inches (noun)
  • A size of writing paper, 19 by 24 inches (noun)
  • Any of various book sizes, esp 61⁄4 by 10 inches (royal octavo), 63⁄4 by 101⁄4 inches (super royal octavo), and (chiefly Brit) 10 by 121⁄2 inches (royal quarto) and 101⁄4 by 131⁄2 inches (super royal quarto) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "royal" in a sentence
  • "People suppose a family to be royal because it reigns; on the contrary, it reigns because it is royal, because it has more life, _plus d'esprit royal_ -- surely as mysterious and occult a force as the _virtus dormitiva_ of opium."
  • "At the very top I offer the conjecture towards the solution of that mystery which constantly bewilders the republican witness, the mystery of loyalty -- is, of course, the royal family; and the rash conclusion of the American is that it is revered because it is the _royal_ family."
  • "The royal party, with the king or his representatives at its head, is the _royal cause_."