Definition of "rohypnol" []

  • A brand of the drug flunitrazepam used as a hypnotic: its ability to render someone unconscious and disoriented on awakening has been exploited by rapists (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rohypnol" in a sentence
  • "Officials won't be sure if rohypnol was administered until toxicology tests return, which could take weeks, according to ABC."
  • "The party made headlines when a dozen of the approximately 50 attendees were taken to the hospital due to overdosing on what authorities believe to have been rohypnol, more commonly known as the date rape drug."
  • " Zinda quickly applies CPR, but gets surprisedby Killer Shark, who doses her with a syringe (presumably full of rohypnol) before revealing himself to be the grandson of the original …  Zinda blacks out, and all seems lost."
  • "Cause, you know, where the dance of down-and-dirty desire is represented by a hypnotic power that puts rohypnol to shame, a slow leeching of will-to-live never mind will-to-power, and a feeding action as sensually seductive as a snake sucking the insides from an egg, this is sex as the action of a predator and parasite, sex as a pernicious temptation of the flesh, sex as a Bad Thing."
  • "Blood tests found that both the blonde and Powell had rohypnol roofies in their system."