Definition of "rod" []

  • A thin straight piece or bar of material, such as metal or wood, often having a particular function or use, as: (noun)
  • A fishing rod. (noun)
  • A piston rod. (noun)
  • An often expandable horizontal bar, especially of metal, used to suspend household items such as curtains or towels. (noun)
  • A leveling rod. (noun)
  • A slim cylinder of metal, wood, etc; stick or shaft (noun)

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  • A switch or bundle of switches used to administer corporal punishment (noun)
  • Any of various staffs of insignia or office (noun)
  • Power, esp of a tyrannical kind (noun)
  • A straight slender shoot, stem, or cane of a woody plant (noun)
  • A unit of length equal to 51⁄2 yards (noun)
  • A unit of square measure equal to 301⁄4 square yards (noun)
  • A straight narrow board marked with the dimensions of a piece of joinery, as the spacing of steps on a staircase (noun)
  • A metal shaft that transmits power in axial reciprocating motion (noun)
  • Any of the elongated cylindrical cells in the retina of the eye, containing the visual purple (rhodopsin), which are sensitive to dim light but not to colour (noun)
  • Any rod-shaped bacterium (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rod" in a sentence
  • "My six-foot spin rod is fine and so is my four-pound line."
  • "The curtain rod is hung to low and is the wrong colour."
  • "They suppose the term rod, must mean the iron rod of the unfeeling and unloving despot."