Definition of "righteous" []

  • Morally upright; without guilt or sin: a righteous parishioner. (adjective)
  • In accordance with virtue or morality: a righteous judgment. (adjective)
  • Morally justifiable: righteous anger. See Synonyms at moral. (adjective)
  • Righteous people considered as a group. (noun)
  • Characterized by, proceeding from, or in accordance with accepted standards of morality, justice, or uprightness; virtuous (adjective)

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  • (as collective noun; preceded by the) (adjective)
  • Morally justifiable or right, esp from one's own point of view (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "righteous" in a sentence
  • "Although Adam was created in the image of his Maker in respect to being endowed with powers of {13} understanding and reasoning, and although he was made capable of learning and doing righteousness, he was not originally _made righteous_, forasmuch as he sinned: but those whom God makes righteous sin no more, because all the works of God are perfect."
  • "The one may use the term righteous indignation; the other, the word anger."
  • "Iran's Foreign Ministry also condemned Libya for suppressing what it called the "righteous demands" of Libyans engaging in a regional Islamic awakening."