Definition of "register" []

  • A formal or official recording of items, names, or actions. (noun)
  • A book for such entries. (noun)
  • An entry in such a record. (noun)
  • The act of registering. (noun)
  • A device that automatically records a quantity or number. (noun)
  • An official or formal list recording names, events, or transactions (noun)

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  • The book in which such a list is written (noun)
  • An entry in such a list (noun)
  • A recording device that accumulates data, totals sums of money, etc (noun)
  • A movable plate that controls the flow of air into a furnace, chimney, room, etc (noun)
  • One of a set of word-sized locations in the central processing unit in which items of data are placed temporarily before they are operated on by program instructions (noun)
  • The timbre characteristic of a certain manner of voice production (noun)
  • Any of the stops on an organ as classified in respect of its tonal quality (noun)
  • The correct alignment of the separate plates in colour printing (noun)
  • The exact correspondence of lines of type, columns, etc, on the two sides of a printed sheet of paper (noun)
  • A form of a language associated with a particular social situation or subject matter, such as obscene slang, legal language, or journalese (noun)
  • The act or an instance of registering (noun)
  • To enter or cause someone to enter (an event, person's name, ownership, etc) on a register; formally record (verb)
  • To show or be shown on a scale or other measuring instrument (verb)
  • To show or be shown in a person's face, bearing, etc (verb)
  • To have an effect; make an impression (verb)
  • To send (a letter, package, etc) by registered post (verb)
  • To adjust (a printing press, forme, etc) to ensure that the printed matter is in register (verb)
  • (of a mechanical part) to align (with another part) (verb)
  • To bring (a gun) to bear on its target by adjustment according to the accuracy of observed single rounds (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "register" in a sentence
  • "Hummingbird Collins tried very hard not to let her expression register the shock that her mind was feeling."
  • "Today being President's Day, the first opportunity Plainfield same-sex couples will have to register is tomorrow."
  • "In these vivid scenes we are often so completely converted into spectators, that a great poetical contemporary of our country thinks that even his dreams should not pass away unnoticed, and keeps what he calls a register of nocturnals."