Definition of "refract" [re•fract]

  • (verb-transitive) To deflect (light, for example) from a straight path by refraction.
  • (verb-transitive) To alter by viewing through a medium: "In the Quartet reality is refracted through a variety of eyes” ( Elizabeth Kastor).
  • (verb-transitive) Medicine To determine the refraction of (an eye, for example).

Use "refract" in a sentence

  • "Anna half imagined that the stars were flickering: since there was no atmosphere to refract their light, they were being distorted by cloaking fields."
  • "Did they feel any sense of conflict between reporting the truth and the obligation to refract the world through rose-tinted lenses?"
  • "It was a simple but adequate affair: a fire built in the snow; alongside, their sleeping-furs spread in a single bed on a mat of spruce boughs; behind the bed an oblong of canvas stretched to refract the heat."

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