Definition of "reduplication" [re•du•pli•ca•tion]

  • (noun) The act of reduplicating or the state of being reduplicated.
  • (noun) The product or result of reduplicating.
  • (noun) Linguistics A word formed by or containing a reduplicated element.
  • (noun) Linguistics The added element in a word form that is reduplicated.

Use "reduplication" in a sentence

  • "The former has final reduplication, which is absent in the latter; e.g., al-yebeb-i’n “I show (or showed) to him, ” al-yeb-in “I shall show him."
  • "Another phenomenon closely connected with this part of the subject is that of reduplication, which is produced by simply forming in the astral light a perfect mental image of the object to be copied, and then gathering about that mould the necessary physical matter."
  • "Pluperf., and 3d Fut. not only do the same throughout the moods, but also prefix to the _syllabic_ augment the initial consonant of the root ( "reduplication") when this is a simple consonant or a mute followed by a liquid."

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