Definition of "recontact" [recontact]

  • (verb) Contacting again.
  • (verb) Reestablishing contact.

Use "recontact" in a sentence

  • "Two overlapping groups, the young and the less religious, had a lower than average recontact rate."
  • "By the time I arrived at LJ in 2004 and wanted to recontact some old GEnie friends who were already here, I would have been perfectly happy to just be Mary Osmanski except that some of those old friends did not know me by that name and I worried that they would not realize who I was."
  • "Earlier Poll Finds Voters Deeply Torn "If it was not a good week for Herman Cain, it was an absolutely horrendous week for Rick Perry," wrote Peter Hart, the Democratic co-director of the Journal poll, who led the recontact effort."

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