Definition of "raggedness" [raggedness]

  • (noun) The characteristic of being ragged.

Use "raggedness" in a sentence

  • "But the same tendencies, together with a sort of raggedness which is no doubt intentional, weaken his epigrams and polemical poems."
  • "Dernbach, born in Johannesburg, could have tipped the balance six to five in favour of post-colonial backpack man, a defining moment in what future England cricket historians may call The Theme Pub Years, an era when England players came gurgling straight out of the barrel ready-made, like a pint of brilliantly homogenised long-life Australo-Irish lager-stout product, obliterating once and for all the real ale raggedness of our indigenous tickle-stick-flailing Morris‑cricket traditions."
  • "As the poet Rumi said of his teacher, Shams, "You make my raggedness silky.""

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