Definition of "rage" []

  • Violent, explosive anger. See Synonyms at anger. (noun)
  • A fit of anger. (noun)
  • Furious intensity, as of a storm or disease. (noun)
  • A burning desire; a passion. (noun)
  • A current, eagerly adopted fashion; a fad or craze: when torn jeans were all the rage. (noun)
  • Intense anger; fury (noun)

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  • Violent movement or action, esp of the sea, wind, etc (noun)
  • Great intensity of hunger, sexual desire, or other feelings (noun)
  • Aggressive behaviour associated with a specified environment or activity (noun)
  • A fashion or craze (esp in the phrase all the rage) (noun)
  • A dance or party (noun)
  • To feel or exhibit intense anger (verb)
  • (esp of storms, fires, etc) to move or surge with great violence (verb)
  • (esp of a disease or epidemic) to spread rapidly and uncontrollably (verb)
  • To have a good time (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rage" in a sentence
  • "Every kind of licentious language and actions was practised in the worship of these deities, accompanied with a frantic rage called orgies, from the Greek word for _rage_."
  • "I would love to know from any French readers whether admin rage is really claiming so many lives."
  • "He started his quest with an Internet search of the word rage and got a smorgasbord of terms: road rage, air rage, retail rage, computer rage, travel and leisure rage."