Definition of "quoin" []

  • An exterior angle of a wall or other piece of masonry. (noun)
  • Any of the stones used in forming such an angle, often being of large size and dressed or arranged so as to form a decorative contrast with the adjoining walls. (noun)
  • A keystone. (noun)
  • Printing A wedge-shaped block used to lock type in a chase. (noun)
  • A wedge used to raise the level of a gun. (noun)
  • An external corner of a wall (noun)

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  • A stone forming the external corner of a wall (noun)
  • A metal or wooden wedge or an expanding mechanical device used to lock type up in a chase (noun)
  • A wedge used for any of various other purposes, such as (formerly) to adjust elevation in muzzle-loading cannon (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "quoin" in a sentence
  • "A quoin is a solid which differs from a wedge in having its sharp end formed by the steep inclination of one side, instead of the mutual tapering of both sides."
  • "The figure 8 represents what is called a quoin, and keeps the bolster in its place."
  • "The two inner sides of each pair of skill facets form the half of a diamond or lozenge-shaped facet, called a "quoin," of which there are four."