Definition of "python" []

  • Any of various nonvenomous snakes of the family Pythonidae, found chiefly in Asia, Africa, and Australia, that coil around and suffocate their prey. Pythons often attain lengths of 6 meters (20 feet) or more. (noun)
  • Any large nonvenomous snake of the family Pythonidae of Africa, S Asia, and Australia, such as Python reticulatus (reticulated python). They can reach a length of more than 20 feet and kill their prey by constriction (noun)

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  • "However, all this is void unless you also enable threads by calling g_thread_init () (or whatever this is in python) early in your app."
  • "As a college professor who teaches students that have never seen programming before, python is a great language."
  • "So the project has the snippets in python-snippets and Acire as a desktop frontend."