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Definition of "pythium" []

  • A genus of saprolegnious fungi, of the family Pythiaceæ, having more or less globose zoösporangia and conidia similar in size and shape. The oögonia are thick-walled. P. De Baryanum is a common species which attacks the seedlings of various plants and produces a disease sometimes called damping-off. See damp, 6. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "pythium" in a sentence
  • "Currutaca: a pythium soft rot of Xanthosoma and Colocasia spp. in Puerto Rico."
  • "Control of diseases (for example, pythium and rhizoctonia fungi) and pests (such as Iygus bug)."
  • "For example, the active ingredient in Ridomil and Apron is used to control pythium."