Definition of "purblind" [pur•blind]

  • (adjective) Having poor vision; nearly or partly blind.
  • (adjective) Slow in understanding or discernment; dull: "a purblind oligarchy that flatly refused to see that history was condemning it to the dustbin” ( Jasper Griffin).
  • (adjective) Obsolete Completely blind.

Use "purblind" in a sentence

  • "But suppose Franz-Josef, or the imbeciles who compose his cabinet, got wind of it - he's the kind of purblind ass who would take it as a sure sign that all Hungary's out for his blood, and he'd act according, orderin 'arrests, repressions, perhaps even executions, or some such folly!"
  • "It can only be explained as expressing a kind of purblind inertia."
  • "On the contrary, his purblind economic policy mix -- coupling a spending binge with deep tax cuts -- helped dig America into a deep fiscal hole."

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