Definition of "pr" []

  • Pair
  • Paper
  • (in prescriptions) per rectum
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Use "pr" in a sentence
  • "P (pr (A) = x) 0 where ˜P™ is the agent's subjective probability function, and ˜pr (A)™ is the assignment that the agent regards as expert."
  • "Again the placing of several puncta before a sign is expressed by the term præpunctis, their addition after a sign subpunctis."
  • "This name is explained in the next clause, 'for the prânas,' &c. The term prânas here denotes the individual souls, so called because the prânas accompany them."
  • "The problem with su. pr is that it repeats the mistakes of the original diggbar."
  • "BBVA said it had to set aside an extra € 198 million as a result of the change in pr ovisioning rules."