Definition of "pondage" []

  • In the construction of dams for mills, reservoirs, etc., the amount of water (usually estimated in feet for mill purposes, and in gallons for waterworks) that can be restrained from overflow by the dam. (noun)
  • Same as poundage. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "pondage" in a sentence
  • "The right wall protects a less populous district, with at least 17,000 acres of "pondage" land set aside to hold floodwaters."
  • "And to the ende no deceipt be vsed herein to vs our heires, and successors, certificate shall be brought from our collector of custome inwardes to our customer outwardes that the sayd marchandizes haue within the time limited answered their due custome, subsidie, pondage and other duties for the same inwards."
  • "Pumping either into or out of the pond would generally be required, and the pondage created by embankment construction, occupying a significant area."