Definition of "polarity" [po•lar•i•ty]

  • Intrinsic polar separation, alignment, or orientation, especially of a physical property: magnetic polarity; ionic polarity. (noun)
  • An indicated polar extreme: an electric terminal with positive polarity. (noun)
  • The possession or manifestation of two opposing attributes, tendencies, or principles: political polarity. (noun)

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Use "polarity" in a sentence
  • "Since polarity is such a function-critical variable, shifts in polarity could have dramatic effects on fitness (e.g., be lethal!)."
  • "This polarity is reflected in cinema as well, with the substance most commonly depicted as either a hilarious holy grail or a gateway to harder, darker substances."
  • "It has been demonstrated that the five new gases, or "noble gases" as they are often called, form a natural family of elements which by the absence of electric polarity is strictly differentiated from all elements previously known, filling a void in the periodic system hitherto existing between the highly negative halogens and the highly positive alkali metals."