Definition of "pistachio" [pis•ta•chio]

  • (noun) A deciduous tree (Pistacia vera) of central and western Asia, having pinnately compound leaves and dry, drupaceous, nutlike fruits.
  • (noun) The nutlike fruit of this tree, having an edible, oily, green or yellow kernel.
  • (noun) The flavor of these nuts.

Use "pistachio" in a sentence

  • "A spear of manchego, chorizo and a dot of quince paste coated in pistachio crumbs has the tongue doing somersaults with its sweet, salty and spicy notes."
  • "We steal around another bend where gray rock walls give way to a slew of multicolored facades in pistachio green, custard yellow and rum raisin red -- village homes crammed together in rows like so many colorful LifeSaver candies in a pack."
  • "I never thought much of their chocolate one, and the pistachio is just okay."

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