Definition of "philosopher" []

  • A student of or specialist in philosophy. (noun)
  • A person who lives and thinks according to a particular philosophy. (noun)
  • A person who is calm and rational under any circumstances. (noun)
  • A student, teacher, or devotee of philosophy (noun)

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  • A person of philosophical temperament, esp one who is patient, wise, and stoical (noun)
  • (formerly) an alchemist or devotee of occult science (noun)
  • A person who establishes the ideology of a cult or movement (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "philosopher" in a sentence
  • "As to the term philosopher's stone, he alleged that it was a mere figure, to deceive the vulgar."
  • "We have loitered long with Yehuda Halevi, and still not long enough, for we have not yet spoken of his claims to the title philosopher, won for him by his book _Al-Chazari_."
  • "But I do believe that he will be the personification of what I call the philosopher king."