Definition of "person" []

  • A living human. Often used in combination: chairperson; spokesperson; salesperson. (noun)
  • An individual of specified character: a person of importance. (noun)
  • The composite of characteristics that make up an individual personality; the self. (noun)
  • The living body of a human: searched the prisoner's person. (noun)
  • Physique and general appearance. (noun)
  • An individual human being (noun)

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  • The body of a human being, sometimes including his or her clothing (noun)
  • A grammatical category into which pronouns and forms of verbs are subdivided depending on whether they refer to the speaker, the person addressed, or some other individual, thing, etc (noun)
  • A human being or a corporation recognized in law as having certain rights and obligations (noun)
  • A being characterized by consciousness, rationality, and a moral sense, and traditionally thought of as consisting of both a body and a mind or soul (noun)
  • A character or role; guise (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "person" in a sentence
  • "It is narcissistic to assume that, simply because a person is interested in a particular gender, that they are interested in a particular *person*."
  • "If he *is* a martian, then he cannot claim the other persons conspired to harm him by asserting he was not a Martian, since they could only be liable if they conspired to harm *a person*, and he is NOT a person for the purposes of Ontario law."
  • "But really, the person deserving the \'worst person\ 'award is Senator Imhofe, the majority chair for the senate environmental committee that employes and authorizes Morano\'s reports."