Definition of "perl" []

  • A computer language that is used for text manipulation, esp on the internet (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "perl" in a sentence
  • "One thing that you take for granted in perl is the interchangeability of lists and Arrays."
  • "There are other shells - psh (I think this is perl based), but I've never found a use for them even though I program in perl extensively."
  • "In that vein perl allows you to say use English which then turns a lot of short hand variables into long human readoable ones."
  • "I probably should have guessed (you did knock together a lat/long parser in perl script when the need arose)."
  • "Then throughout it they work through a progression of building an increasingly functional client in perl, the same progression they use in all these language chapters."
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