Definition of "parish-clerk" []

  • An official designated to carry out various duties, either for a church parish or a parish council (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "parish-clerk" in a sentence
  • "Oliver Giles, John Pitcher the dairyman, the parish-clerk, the engaged man of fifty, the row of young women against the wall, seemed lost in thought not of the gayest kind."
  • "Charley Jake the hedge-carpenter, Elijah New the parish-clerk, and"
  • "At seven the shrill tweedle-dee of this youngster had begun, accompanied by a booming ground-bass from Elijah New, the parish-clerk, who had thoughtfully brought with him his favourite musical instrument, the serpent."
  • "Mr. Warrington should have to sit down in the Temple dinner-ball, and cut at a shoulder of mutton, and drink small-beer out of tin pannikins, by the side of rough students who wore gowns like the parish-clerk."
  • "My good father performed his part with great applause, making the responses, as if he had been a practised parish-clerk; and giving the xxiiid psalm,"