Definition of "packaging" []

  • The act, process, industry, art, or style of packing. (noun)
  • Material used for making packages. (noun)
  • The manner in which something, such as a proposal or product, or someone, such as a candidate or author, is presented to the public. (noun)
  • The box or wrapping in which a product is offered for sale (noun)

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  • The design of such a box or wrapping, esp with reference to its ability to attract customers (noun)
  • The presentation of a person, product, television programme, etc, to the public in a way designed to build up a favourable image (noun)
  • The work of a packager (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "packaging" in a sentence
  • "The clear plastic like film used in much of her packaging is actually a biodegradable film made from corn called Earthfirst PLA."
  • "Using easily recyclable glass apothecary type bottles and tins the packaging is also sustainable."
  • "Secure Sales Solutions says their packaging is an efficient low cost security packaging and encourages responsible consumer disposal through easy recycling."
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