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Definition of "ostentate" [os•ten•tate]

  • To make an ambitious display of; to show or exhibit boastingly. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ostentate" in a sentence
  • "Beautie eche man knoweth, is one of natures ornamentes, by her wisedome ordeined, not to enter in triumphe, as victours vse vpon gaine of victorie, with brauerie to ostentate their glorie, by sound of Shalme and Dromme, but thankefully for the same, to proclaime the due praise to the authour of nature."
  • "“Forgetting all iniuries and displeasures past, done by the Romaine people against the Volscians, how can you abide the shame you suffer this daye, wherein to oure great reproch, they begin to ostentate and shew forth their plaies."