Definition of "ordinaunce" [ordinaunce]

  • Obsolete form of ordinance. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ordinaunce" in a sentence
  • "Yea, thei haue a certaine ordinaunce, that none shalbe slaue or bonde amonge them, but all fre, and of equalle aucthoritie and honour."
  • "And this by the precepte of sainte Iames the Apostle, and by the ordinaunce of Felix, the fourthe Pope after Sainte Peter: was giuen only to them that laie in dyeng, being of full age, and requyring it."
  • "Lordes Supper was not by Christes ordinaunce reserued, caryed about, lyfted vp, or worshipped."