Definition of "onion" []

  • A bulbous plant (Allium cepa) cultivated worldwide as a vegetable. (noun)
  • The rounded edible bulb of this plant, composed of fleshy, tight, concentric leaf bases having a pungent odor and taste. (noun)
  • An alliaceous plant, Allium cepa, having greenish-white flowers: cultivated for its rounded edible bulb (noun)

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  • The bulb of this plant, consisting of concentric layers of white succulent leaf bases with a pungent odour and taste (noun)
  • Any of several related plants similar to A. cepa, such as A. fistulosum (Welsh onion) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "onion" in a sentence
  • "The Latin for a pearl and onion is _unio_, and the pun refers to Cleopatra giving her _pearl_ (or _onion_) to Antony in a draught of wine, or, as some say, drinking it herself in toasting her lover."
  • "Commonly known as nigella, this spice is also found under the name "onion seeds.""
  • "Inquiring into their history, I surprisingly found the origin of the term onion dome has eluded historical record, as has the date and origin of the design."