Definition of "one" [one]

  • Being a single entity, unit, object, or living being. (adjective)
  • Characterized by unity; undivided: They spoke with one voice. (adjective)
  • Of the same kind or quality: two animals of one species. (adjective)
  • Forming a single entity of two or more components: three chemicals combining into one solution. (adjective)
  • Being a single member or element of a group, category, or kind: I'm just one player on the team. (adjective)
  • Single; lone; not two or more (determiner)

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  • (as pronoun) (determiner)
  • (in combination) (determiner)
  • Distinct from all others; only; unique (determiner)
  • A specified (person, item, etc) as distinct from another or others of its kind (determiner)
  • A certain, indefinite, or unspecified (time); some (determiner)
  • A certain (person) (determiner)
  • An indefinite person regarded as typical of every person (pronoun)
  • Any indefinite person: used as the subject of a sentence to form an alternative grammatical construction to that of the passive voice (pronoun)
  • An unspecified person (pronoun)
  • The smallest whole number and the first cardinal number; unity (noun)
  • A numeral (1, I, i, etc) representing this number (noun)
  • A joke or story (esp in the one about) (noun)
  • The numeral 1 used as the lower figure in a time signature to indicate that the beat is measured in semibreves (noun)
  • Something representing, represented by, or consisting of one unit (noun)
  • One hour after noon or midnight (noun)
  • A blow or setback (esp in the phrase one in the eye for) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "one" in a sentence
  • "In one of the monthly support groups I run, one* of the stepmothers shared that she, her husband and 21 year old stepdaughter went to a family therapist for help."
  • "It makes me laugh to think about Trijang Rinpoche scurrying to collect his offerings, saying to his attendant, �put this one away�and this one�and this one�."
  • "Be of the lead characters I assume he is one of the main characters is a half-elf named Cage Stone."