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Definition of "old-maidhood" [old-maidhood]

  • The state or condition of an old maid; spinsterhood. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "old-maidhood" in a sentence
  • "Five years older than the oldest of the other New Bedford girls and desperate for a man, Biddy had the coy predatoriness of one already treading the perilous line of old-maidhood that would drive away even the slightest expression of masculine interest."
  • "It was clear enough that Alan didn't like her either, but because she was Candi's friend he'd felt obligated to be nice to her, nice to poor Bea, who was heading toward old-maidhood, or whatever they called it now-she'd seen it in his stupid eyes."
  • "But they were mostly letters from cranks ... or from girls very, very young and sentimental, or on the verge of old-maidhood, who were casting about for some escape from the narrow daily life that environed them ...."