Definition of "office" []

  • A place in which business, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. (noun)
  • The administrative personnel, executives, or staff working in such a place. (noun)
  • A duty or function assigned to or assumed by someone. See Synonyms at function. (noun)
  • A position of authority, duty, or trust given to a person, as in a government or corporation: the office of vice president. (noun)
  • A subdivision of a governmental department: the U.S. Patent Office. (noun)
  • A room or set of rooms in which business, professional duties, clerical work, etc, are carried out (noun)

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  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • The building or buildings in which the work of an organization, such as a business or government department, is carried out (noun)
  • A commercial or professional business (noun)
  • The group of persons working in an office (noun)
  • (in Britain) a department of the national government (noun)
  • A governmental agency, esp of the Federal government (noun)
  • A subdivision of such an agency or of a department (noun)
  • A position of trust, responsibility, or duty, esp in a government or organization (noun)
  • (in combination) (noun)
  • Duty or function (noun)
  • A minor task or service (noun)
  • An action performed for another, usually a beneficial action (noun)
  • A place where tickets, information, etc, can be obtained (noun)
  • A ceremony or service, prescribed by ecclesiastical authorities, esp one for the dead (noun)
  • The order or form of these (noun)
  • The official daily service (noun)
  • The parts of a house or estate where work is done, goods are stored, etc (noun)
  • A lavatory (esp in the phrase usual offices) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "office" in a sentence
  • "Replacing the receiver, he thought urgently of some second-choice number where there would be no answer out of office hours and decided on his solicitor: Those buggers hardly ever turned up even _within _office hours."
  • "A passage frown Jerome's _Epistle to Evangelus_ is often quoted in works on church government, as equalising, or nearly so, the office of bishop and presbyter; but the drift of the argument seems to be, to show that the _site_ of a bishop's see, be it great or small, important or otherwise, does not affect the episcopal _office_."
  • "At the office -- at the _office_, mind -- I received a letter from"