Definition of "ochre" []

  • Variant of ocher. (noun)
  • Any of various natural earths containing ferric oxide, silica, and alumina: used as yellow or red pigments (noun)

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  • A moderate yellow-orange to orange colour (noun)
  • (as adjective) (noun)
  • To colour with ochre (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "ochre" in a sentence
  • "E'en as a fresco one sees drawn on a wall, painted in ochre,"
  • "-- This alludes to the mode of taking the tithe of cattle, which were made to pass singly through a narrow gateway, where a person with a rod, dipped in ochre, stood, and counting them, marked the back of every tenth beast, whether male or female, sound or unsound."
  • "But, while the people who shop at Walmart and Target make no bones about their purchases: Oprah books, self-help, Grisham, Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, Koontz, etc. (so those stores only stock those titles), those who shop at Indigo want to feel as though they’re of a certain “lifestyle” (so the store puts in couches and offers lattes) and colours the walls whatever yuppy ochre is current."