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Definition of "nervure" [nerv•ure]

  • Botany See vein. (noun)
  • Zoology See vein. (noun)

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Use "nervure" in a sentence
  • "Reddish yellow, smooth, and shining; the face testaceous, with slight fuscous stains; the scape and two or three of the basal joints of the flagellum yellow in front; the wings hyaline, with a yellowish tinge; the nervures black, except the costal nervure, which is ferruginous towards the base, the apex of the wings slightly clouded; the posterior tibiæ fuscous above."
  • "This last nervure, which is of a slightly reddish hue, is the fundamental element of the musical device; it is, in short, the bow, the fiddlestick, as is proved by the fine notches which run across it."
  • "Dans la journee je verifie le rouge s'est estompé c qq peu rosé ... et s'estompe les heures passant ... pour ne laisser que deux gross veine rouge et qq nervure sur les coté."