Definition of "nek" []

  • In South Africa, a neck or saddle between two hills. (noun)
  • A mountain pass (noun)

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Use "nek" in a sentence
  • "Africa would have been called a nek, and dived down along a white road leading into a broad forest track, sunlit now, but bordered on either side by the twilight of towering pines and firs through which the sunlight filtered only in little flakes, which lay upon the last year's leaves and cones, somewhat as an electric light might have fallen on a monkish manuscript of the thirteenth century."
  • "(The second "nek" connects the pronouns, the first being introductory and adverbial.)"
  • "Since an adjective modifier of two or more words connected by "nek" must necessarily modify them separately, the adjective remains in the singular number:"