Definition of "nabis" [nabis]

  • The typical genus of the family Nabidæ. There are few American species. The British species, N. lativentris, in its early stages of growth greatly resembles an ant. (noun)
  • A group of French artists much influenced by Gauguin, including Bonnard and Vuillard, who reacted against the naturalism of the impressionists (plural-noun)

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Use "nabis" in a sentence
  • "The nabis of Israel, organized in groups or schools, had great influence."
  • "Quamquam praterea eavoxnonfatislatina nabis, quemadmodumnecaliiscompluribm, Pideba tur."
  • "& proelamationis publicum edi£lum ac citationen? tnhexam alias a nabis & noftroauditorio decretum"
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