Definition of "mythologem" [mythologem]

  • A basic core element, motif or theme of a myth. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mythologem" in a sentence
  • "While the same fundamental mythologem is present in both cases, it seems that in Jung's case it left beside or only marginally present, in Dylan's opus as well as in his performances it occupies central part."
  • "The many-faceted opus of Bob Dylan is structured by the same basic mythologem as the Bible, especially the Second Isaiah and the Revelation."
  • "But this is not the only similarity between the individuation process symbolically pictured both in Dylan's opus and in the Bible, where the same deepest mythologem structured the whole book, especially the Book of Isaiah - culminating in the Servant Songs formed in 6th century B.C. - and was further extended in the Book of Revelation in the end of 1st century A.D."
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