Definition of "myght" [myght]

  • Obsolete spellings of might, might. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "myght" in a sentence
  • "When enforcing their surrender the king had said that the monks were to go, that the endowment they had so long possessed "might be tornyd to better use as heraffter shall folow, werby Gods word myght the better be sett forthe, cyldren brought up in learning, clerks nuryshyd in the universites," etc."
  • "She further laments that she can hardly believe "that the goute myght with holde a good husbande hauyng some loue to his wyfe" and begs Egerton to teach her what "a good husbande ought to teche his wyfe," that is, the full definition of love (intellectually speaking, one hopes)."
  • "Wherby they made men afrayd to doe mischief, and death beynge executed for the death of a bondman, the free myght goe in more sauftie."