Definition of "mukti" [mukti]

  • In Hindu philos., release from existence: equivalent of nirvana in the Buddhist scheme. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "mukti" in a sentence
  • "Their parents off course will want their child's parole or mukti."
  • "But since all souls possess a spark of the divine essence of Brahman (The Absolute), _mukti_ may be attained by earnest seeking, and thus immortality be _realized_."
  • "This side of the story of man's evolution in consciousness is not however a part of our present work, and we will therefore leave it, for a brief consideration of the successive steps in attainment of consciousness, leading through devious paths, and through millions of relative time called years, into the present state of man's consciousness which in so many instances presages the oncoming of that state, called liberation, or illumination -- mukti."