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Definition of "messel" [messel]

  • See mesel, meseled. (noun)
  • A table. (noun)
  • In Arabic music, a method or system of fixing and measuring intervals which involves their description in terms derived by dividing the vibration-number of the lower tone by that of the higher: thus, the messel of an octave was 2, of a fifth 1½, etc. It is supposed that the messel theorists, by at least the fourteenth century, had established the modern thirds and sixths as distinguished from those of the Pythagorean system. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "messel" in a sentence
  • "You'd lay there after you'd drunk the old moloko and then you got the messel that everything all round you was sort of in the past."
  • "Ah'm nat mad fur it messel, fur ah fear it sends oot the wrang message, but the consensus saimed til lain in the crab direction."
  • ""'An' sure, sir, he did not, an 'thin we wint an' pullt Fred out from under the bed, where he'd crawled wid his two legs stickin 'out in the moonlight, an' Tam an 'messel' wur smilin 'quiet like, an' Your"